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Peace of mind



Through forgiveness 


To be angry, hurt or dissappointed is understandable and it's also ok to feel that way sometimes.
However choosing these fear based thoughts and emotions will also keep you stuck and it will prevent you from being happy! 

In today's video I'll be sharing how you can create peace of mind by releasing judgement and move beyond it. 

This  will free up sooo much of your energy & time & also enable you to live a life, far more magnificent  than you could ever have dreamt of.

And remember this, even when you feel or know that "you are right",
ask yourself
- Do I wanna be right or do you wanna be happy? ...
You choose 

With Love & sincerity, Maria 


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Hear your thoughts again


The Power of Silence 

Hey Champ, are you getting stressed, overwhelmed or just feeling too busy many days? Then remember this:

We are actually not equipped haha, to handle all the noise and information and distractions of today's society. It's just a fact.

However by actively taking the time to experience and relax in silence, you will be able to center yourself and with this find calm, clarity and the ability to connect with yourself - more deeply & more efficently.

Silence really will help you
* Find your answers
* Know how to choose, package and prioritize
* And with this also be able to let things fall into place and really happend for you, with greater ease.

I challenge you to try this out! 

So start today, with baby steps and then extend it. 
THIS, can make all the difference! Enjoy :) 


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Why vulnerability is strength


And why you don't have to be strong all the time 

I know you think you have to be there and fix and help everyone - to always be the perfect & strong one. 
But listen to this.

The world is longing for authenticity & for people who are REAL.
For people & leaders who dare showing up, as their full selves meaning - not only flawless & strong, but also open hearted & vulnerable. 

So, if you want to experence a richer quality of life and also reach & connect with people at a deeper level - then know that vulnerability is the bridge and that vulnerability  is both courage & true strength. 

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Release tension & blockages



Simple office stretch 


It might not always be possible to go out for a walk or hit the gym or work out really hard. However a simple strectch can really & truly help you realease both tension, blockages & feelings of stress.

So try these simple stretching tips that work even sitting in the office. Raise your energy & performance by releasing physical & mental blocks. Enjoy :)

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Make competition irrelevant


By bringing in gratitude, fun & your unbeatable uniqueness 

Competition can sometimes make you feel small and insecure and block both your progress & success. 

However by shifting from the fear based thinking into the loving one, you can make competition irrelevant & even turn it into something truly positive and empowering. 

In this short video I'll be sharing 3 tips on how to make this shift.
May this serve You.

With all my Love, Mariazi   



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How to quickly shift your state



Music as mental & emotional medicine 


Music has the power to transform us.
To energize and to move us to our core.

That is why it's sooo extremely powerful and also one of the most beautiful, fun and effcient ways to change our state. 

So whenever you find yourself in a situation when you are stuck in anger, frustration, lack, fear, overwhelm or stress (fear based emotions)

Give yourself the gift of shifting that almost instantly!
And in this video I'll show you how :) 

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One simple trick to create more time


Replace one time consuming activity, with one that really matter


One of the most common things I hear from people I meet, is the fear based idea and thought that "There isn't enough time" or "I don't have enough time!"

I really don't want that for you, so in todays' video I'll be sharing one simple trick that can help you shift that experience and change the way you view and manage your time. 

Sending You lot's of Love & remember Gorgeous, there IS time :) 


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A quick technique for conscious decision making


Sat nam 

Whenever you want to make a conscious decision, or decide how to choose, priorotize or reply - I really recommend that you use this mantra "Sat nam" 

Because "sat nam" means truth.

So what you do here is that you tell yourself
"I am truthful to myself" and then, you make the decision, from that place of honesty, alignment and love.

No matter what others may think, say or expect of you,
always be truthful to yourself and your unique path.

I adore You,

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From overwhelm to action



2 Simple Steps to get unstuck 

Have you ever had one of those days, when it was crazy loads of stuff to do and you didn't even know where to start?...

In today's episode I'm sharing 2 simple steps that will help you quickly and easily, get back on track and into action again.

Beacuse life my friend, really is way too short for you to be wasting your time & energy on living in fear. So reboot baby and get back into action!
And live the life of your dreams. 

Big Love & enthusiasm, Maria  

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The key to dare trying something new



I never lose, I always learn

OK, so they often ask you - What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Or as I often say - what if you would no longer let fear to stop you? 

Seriously just imagine what you could do, if you only had the courage to follow your dreams and to ACT on them. - In the big and small and in different situations in your life, work and business.

Welcome to this week's episode where I will share with you some really powerful insights and brain tattoos for courage, together with a a power mantra that wlll help you choose love instead of fear and dare taking that next important step. 

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