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Take the fast lane to happiness & success


Emotional screen shot

We often think that we have to WAIT to be successful & most of all HAPPY...

But WHY wait? When you can experience fulfllment & happiness every singe day!
AND at the same time fuel & take the fast lane to success.

In today's video  I'm sharing a truly golden tool from my book "Life Leadership". It will help you improve your confidence and experience of happiness, satisfaction & success in life and this in only 1 minute per day.

So when you go to bed tonight, make sure to try it out! 
Enjoy :) 



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It's not about the goal



It's about the person you become in the process


Have you ever felt like a failure, when not achieving your goal?
If so, then STOP THAT immediately!

Instead of staring yourself BLIND 
at the goal or tangable results, REALIZE that the REAL GOAL & the real GROWTH is actually taking place INSIDE OF YOU! :) 

And as you develop & as you grow, you are expanding & stepping into the person that you are really & truly meant to be! 

The things in the outer are here to serve your inner growth. Remember that! :)

With Love & admiration, Maria 

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How to succeed in the new year


The power of setting an intention, by choosing a key word

According to the statistics, 92% of New years goals actually fail before Januari 15th!... 

That is why my friend, I really want you to listen today, because today I'm sharing a powerful key that'll help achieve your dreams & goals , with much so much greater joy & ease - AND without having to feel like a failure! 

Now set yourself up to win in the new year. 
You are amazing! :) 

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Attract what You Desire



Letter from the Future 

Instead of constantly feeling that you need to fight, struggle and chase after the things that will make you successful. 

- Start from within, by raising your vibration and really tap into the FEELING of what You are longing for and desire.

When looking at neuroscience, your brain is, seriously I'm telling you, beyoooond AMAZING - It's kinda crazy really!  However what is equally fascinating is that it cannot tell the difference between whether something is actually happening or if you are imagining. And the more you feel it, the more real it gets and can come into form.  

In this video I will share a wonderful and super fun & easy tool that will help you achieve your goals with much greater joy, ease and less struggle. 

TRY IT OUT my friend! Have fun, play with it, go into your vision and really FEEL what it feels like once you've achieved it and then - WRITE IT DOWN! :) ...

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How to reach your next level


Learn from the Masters 


Many times pride gets in the way and we struggle to succeed on our own. 
But know this my friend -  you are never alone.

No matter what your dreams and goals might be, whatever is your hearts desire, there are people who can help and will help you.

The World we are living in is full of inspiring and extraordinary people. - People with beautiful hearts and competence, experts, superstars, everyday heroes and Masters from whom you can learn.

This might be the famous celebrities or it might be your neighbor or friends. Simply be open and dedicated to learning and you will reach your next level.  

Sending You so much Love and admiration and know that you are Amazing!
x Maria 

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I often hahaha talk about...

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Create your own definition of success


Start with clarity 

We are living in a world that very much focuses on & and celebrates success. 
But what is success & what does it mean to YOU?...

The first step in achieving anything is always clarity.
In today's video I'll be helping you create clarity about what success means to YOU and also help You craft your own unique definition of success.

No matter what your dreams and goals may be, stay true to yourself and the calling in your heart. Be dedicated. Be courageous. 

Because that is how you'll grow and that is how you'll live your most fulfilling and extraordinary life AND also give your best to the world. 

Dream BIG. Reach for the stars and always remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

With so much Love & admiration, Maria 

Did you like this? Please comment below and also share your own wonderful thoughts and ideas. 

PS again
Quite soon, in a later video we will also talk about...

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The Life Gym (Part 2)


The Power of small daily habits 

In this video you will learn how to follow through, how to get back up when you've fallen off and how to elevate your results using my method "The Life Gym". 

Because let's face it.. How many times haven't you got started - confident, pumped and excited and went all in,  and then given up? 

By designing a practice that you can bring with you wherever you go, you are setting yourself up to win!

So instead of trying to conquer the world, expecting it to happen in one night, be a little patient, lay the foundation.

* Design your life gym
* Establish your strengthening daily micro habits
* And then gradually scale up.

Download the worksheet here

I really do hope you will give yourself the gift of this, because it will help you achieve your goals and dreams and create the life you truly desire. 

Big Love and admiration, Maria 

Stay dedicated, stay consistent :)
And remember...

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The Life Gym


A fun & easy way to achieve your goals  

One of the most common reasons people fail, is because they
1. Either don't get started or 
2. They stop and give up. 

This method will help you achieve your goals and dreams by installing powerful & supportive habits and where you will be doing this in a way that is both fun and sustainable. 

The Life Gym - has helped me & my clients achieve countless dreams and projects, succeed workwise in our career & businesses as well as overcome depression & burn out.

When using this method and taking action daily & consistently, you will wire your brain for success as well as elevate your results & performance.  

You will also stop procrastinating and instead access the power from both your body, mind & soul. 

Never underestimate the power of consistency & daily action, because they are the key to your success! 


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