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The no 1 way to growth without fighting


Start relaxing & stop resisting 

What do you want to change in your life? What do you want to improve?...
It is true that change can be hard, challenging and messy.  

But what you can do instead of fighting...

You see, you can start growing much more efficiently 
& effordlessly by leaning into  your own strength.

So ditch contraction
 & fearful thinking & stop resisting your own growth.

Stop telling yourself that you're fat or bad at sales & instead start relaxing into your natural grandeur & greatness! 

May this serve you. With Love, Maria 

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Why labelling holds you back


Remove the labels 


We think of ourselves as open minded & non judgemental.
However in just a few seconds, we usually put a label on people & place them in a box. We also do this to ourselves. 

This can have it's positive effects, but it can also in many ways limit you & hold you back. 

In today's video you will learn how to be more open by removing the labels & simply allowing people to be who they are.

With this, you will free both yourself & others & open up for so much joy, possibilites & personal as well as professional growth. Enjoy!  

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The key to dare trying something new



I never lose, I always learn

OK, so they often ask you - What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Or as I often say - what if you would no longer let fear to stop you? 

Seriously just imagine what you could do, if you only had the courage to follow your dreams and to ACT on them. - In the big and small and in different situations in your life, work and business.

Welcome to this week's episode where I will share with you some really powerful insights and brain tattoos for courage, together with a a power mantra that wlll help you choose love instead of fear and dare taking that next important step. 

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How to embrace challenges


Two powerful mind shifts 

If you've ever faced challenges or hardship or are going through tough times right now...

- Stay and watch beacuse today I'll be sharing two powerful mind shifts that can help you start to embrace challenges and learn how to move beyond them. 

Mariazi Quote
"Your biggest challenges can often be your greatest blessings

Challenges, obsticles and hardship are often being viewed as something bad and negative and something we want to get rid of. 

However challenges are natural parts of life and also life's gifts that are being brought to You in order to grow, to step up and to reach more of your  highest and full potential. 

In this 6-minute video I'll be sharing how you can change from victimhood and pain to gratitude and faith. :)

May this serve You! 
Love, Maria 

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How to reach your next level


Learn from the Masters 


Many times pride gets in the way and we struggle to succeed on our own. 
But know this my friend -  you are never alone.

No matter what your dreams and goals might be, whatever is your hearts desire, there are people who can help and will help you.

The World we are living in is full of inspiring and extraordinary people. - People with beautiful hearts and competence, experts, superstars, everyday heroes and Masters from whom you can learn.

This might be the famous celebrities or it might be your neighbor or friends. Simply be open and dedicated to learning and you will reach your next level.  

Sending You so much Love and admiration and know that you are Amazing!
x Maria 

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