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From insecure to confident



Empowering Selftalk 

Every word, every thought can either empower or weaken you.
And here you have the choice to choose either Love of fear.

And whatever you are choosing to tell yourself, is also what your mind will help you produce. Here are some examples of farbased thoughts and negative selftalk, that will, and do weaken you. 

- I could never do that!.... - No you can't, your mind will reply, if you tell it so. 
- I'm not good enough... - Nope, not good enough. 
- I doubt that I will succeed... - Yeah, it probably won't work
- Who would ever want me?... ' You'll be alone forever

So start making the concious decision to choose your words with care and let the conversation you have with yourself be one of Love.

In this 5-minute-video I'll talk about the power and importance of Positive Selftalk and how to use that, to reinvent yourself and experience totally new results in your life! Enjoy :)

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