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Stop waiting for the perfect time



Because the perfect time is now

So many people  are living theirs lives in hesitation and fear, waiting for that perfect moment or for things to change or outside circumstances to change.

I say STOP THAT! There is of course a value in great timing, but NOT if it's fear based excuses and procrastinaton. 

So whatever you are dreaming of, realize that the perfect time is NOW.
Start today and take that next important step my friend, towards your dreams and goals. Do not wait. 

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It's not about the goal



It's about the person you become in the process


Have you ever felt like a failure, when not achieving your goal?
If so, then STOP THAT immediately!

Instead of staring yourself BLIND 
at the goal or tangable results, REALIZE that the REAL GOAL & the real GROWTH is actually taking place INSIDE OF YOU! :) 

And as you develop & as you grow, you are expanding & stepping into the person that you are really & truly meant to be! 

The things in the outer are here to serve your inner growth. Remember that! :)

With Love & admiration, Maria 

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Finish the year confident & happy



Yearly evaluation & closing of the books 


No matter what this year has been like for you, 
do NOT make the misstake of just rushing into the new year without taking the time to reflect.

What has actually happend this year?
What are the insights, learnings, gifts, contacts you have gotten THANKS TO this year? What are the learnings, successes & wins?

In today's video I will be teaching you two simple steps that will help you finish this year confident, strong and in gratitde! YEHAAA

AND with this, also lay the foundation for an extraordinary and successful new year! 
Enjoy :) 





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Release tension & blockages



Simple office stretch 


It might not always be possible to go out for a walk or hit the gym or work out really hard. However a simple strectch can really & truly help you realease both tension, blockages & feelings of stress.

So try these simple stretching tips that work even sitting in the office. Raise your energy & performance by releasing physical & mental blocks. Enjoy :)

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How to quickly shift your state



Music as mental & emotional medicine 


Music has the power to transform us.
To energize and to move us to our core.

That is why it's sooo extremely powerful and also one of the most beautiful, fun and effcient ways to change our state. 

So whenever you find yourself in a situation when you are stuck in anger, frustration, lack, fear, overwhelm or stress (fear based emotions)

Give yourself the gift of shifting that almost instantly!
And in this video I'll show you how :) 

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One simple trick to create more time


Replace one time consuming activity, with one that really matter


One of the most common things I hear from people I meet, is the fear based idea and thought that "There isn't enough time" or "I don't have enough time!"

I really don't want that for you, so in todays' video I'll be sharing one simple trick that can help you shift that experience and change the way you view and manage your time. 

Sending You lot's of Love & remember Gorgeous, there IS time :) 


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The key to dare trying something new



I never lose, I always learn

OK, so they often ask you - What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Or as I often say - what if you would no longer let fear to stop you? 

Seriously just imagine what you could do, if you only had the courage to follow your dreams and to ACT on them. - In the big and small and in different situations in your life, work and business.

Welcome to this week's episode where I will share with you some really powerful insights and brain tattoos for courage, together with a a power mantra that wlll help you choose love instead of fear and dare taking that next important step. 

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From insecure to confident



Empowering Selftalk 

Every word, every thought can either empower or weaken you.
And here you have the choice to choose either Love of fear.

And whatever you are choosing to tell yourself, is also what your mind will help you produce. Here are some examples of farbased thoughts and negative selftalk, that will, and do weaken you. 

- I could never do that!.... - No you can't, your mind will reply, if you tell it so. 
- I'm not good enough... - Nope, not good enough. 
- I doubt that I will succeed... - Yeah, it probably won't work
- Who would ever want me?... ' You'll be alone forever

So start making the concious decision to choose your words with care and let the conversation you have with yourself be one of Love.

In this 5-minute-video I'll talk about the power and importance of Positive Selftalk and how to use that, to reinvent yourself and experience totally new results in your life! Enjoy :)

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How to rise above overwhelm



Eagle Eye 

Have You ever felt overwhelmed and stressed by all the possibilities and choices in life?

If so, or if you know someone who's often dealing with overwhelm... make sure to watch this 4-minute-video where I'm sharing the powerful tool "Eagle Eye".

This tool comes from my book "Life Leadership" and will help you create calm, clarity & determination about how  to choose and what to prioritize. 

During my 20 years in project management & leadership, this simple tool always helps me find clarity & move forward. Now go try it out!!! 

And just like the amazing participants in my membership, make sure to give each top priority project an amazing , fun and empowering name. This will boost your performance as well! :)

Sending You all my Love and enthusiasm,and keep sharing your awesomeness,

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Attract what You Desire



Letter from the Future 

Instead of constantly feeling that you need to fight, struggle and chase after the things that will make you successful. 

- Start from within, by raising your vibration and really tap into the FEELING of what You are longing for and desire.

When looking at neuroscience, your brain is, seriously I'm telling you, beyoooond AMAZING - It's kinda crazy really!  However what is equally fascinating is that it cannot tell the difference between whether something is actually happening or if you are imagining. And the more you feel it, the more real it gets and can come into form.  

In this video I will share a wonderful and super fun & easy tool that will help you achieve your goals with much greater joy, ease and less struggle. 

TRY IT OUT my friend! Have fun, play with it, go into your vision and really FEEL what it feels like once you've achieved it and then - WRITE IT DOWN! :) ...

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