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How to find the Love of your life


By seeing that it’s You


Who do you think about when I say “the Love of your life”?  

Is it yours your partner
, or a person you have not yet met or perhaps an old love of yours?

No matter how much you Love other people, I want you to remember this:
The love of your life my friend is not someone else, the Love of your life - is YOU! 

In today’s video I’m sharing more thoughts & tips for how to understand & apply this even more in your everyday life.

Big Thanks to Leo F. Buscaglia.

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How to change the world


Through everyday choices 

I want to remind you of this:
You my friend, have the power to CHANGE THE WORLD! 

Both for yourself, 
your loved ones
the world as a whole.

In this video I'll share with you the most brilliant, simple & powerful way for you to do that.
So let's get started.
Let's blast the world with Love! 

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Peace of mind



Through forgiveness 


To be angry, hurt or dissappointed is understandable and it's also ok to feel that way sometimes.
However choosing these fear based thoughts and emotions will also keep you stuck and it will prevent you from being happy! 

In today's video I'll be sharing how you can create peace of mind by releasing judgement and move beyond it. 

This  will free up sooo much of your energy & time & also enable you to live a life, far more magnificent  than you could ever have dreamt of.

And remember this, even when you feel or know that "you are right",
ask yourself
- Do I wanna be right or do you wanna be happy? ...
You choose 

With Love & sincerity, Maria 


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Welcome to my Newsletter with weekly trainings on #highperformance :)


Hello Gorgeous,
For years I've been longing to start sending out these weekly Love Letters to You, and now it's finally happending! Yeyyy :)

I will be sharing powerful tips and tools based on my book "Life Leadership" - advice that can truly highten & elevate your performance and the quality of your life.

With all my heart,
Thank You for being You & my warmest Welcome!

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