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How to succeed in the new year


The power of setting an intention, by choosing a key word

According to the statistics, 92% of New years goals actually fail before Januari 15th!... 

That is why my friend, I really want you to listen today, because today I'm sharing a powerful key that'll help achieve your dreams & goals , with much so much greater joy & ease - AND without having to feel like a failure! 

Now set yourself up to win in the new year. 
You are amazing! :) 

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Hear your thoughts again


The Power of Silence 

Hey Champ, are you getting stressed, overwhelmed or just feeling too busy many days? Then remember this:

We are actually not equipped haha, to handle all the noise and information and distractions of today's society. It's just a fact.

However by actively taking the time to experience and relax in silence, you will be able to center yourself and with this find calm, clarity and the ability to connect with yourself - more deeply & more efficently.

Silence really will help you
* Find your answers
* Know how to choose, package and prioritize
* And with this also be able to let things fall into place and really happend for you, with greater ease.

I challenge you to try this out! 

So start today, with baby steps and then extend it. 
THIS, can make all the difference! Enjoy :) 


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How to know if a goal is right for You



Checklist for honest goals

If you are here, you're probably a person who knows the importance of defining goals. However what is equally important is that the goal you're setting is honest and true to You.

With my tool "Checklist for honest goals" you can quickly and easily determine whether your goal is honest or not. 

Watch the 6-minute video to learn the 7 questions that will reveal to you, your truth. 

May this serve You :)
With Love & admiration, Maria 

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Know where You are & where you're going



Create instant clarity with "The Life Wheel"

Do you have a lot of dreams
& goals or desires? Or maybe just one?

Whatever you want in your life - this can help you create the life you want! :)

For me, this tool was presented many years ago when I was at a low. I had just quit my job as a manager, I was burned out, had no energy, job or income & no partner who could support me.

- When using this tool however, Everything shifted

I really hope this will serve You, just as much as it has helped me.

Now make sure to grab that pen & paper & watch the video.

*** And remember:
You are extraordinary & You are here for GREAT THINGS! 

With all my Love & admiration, Maria

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Create your own definition of success


Start with clarity 

We are living in a world that very much focuses on & and celebrates success. 
But what is success & what does it mean to YOU?...

The first step in achieving anything is always clarity.
In today's video I'll be helping you create clarity about what success means to YOU and also help You craft your own unique definition of success.

No matter what your dreams and goals may be, stay true to yourself and the calling in your heart. Be dedicated. Be courageous. 

Because that is how you'll grow and that is how you'll live your most fulfilling and extraordinary life AND also give your best to the world. 

Dream BIG. Reach for the stars and always remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

With so much Love & admiration, Maria 

Did you like this? Please comment below and also share your own wonderful thoughts and ideas. 

PS again
Quite soon, in a later video we will also talk about...

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The 1-minute trick to create happiness & calm


And no, it's not meditation ;)


In this video you will learn a simple trick to create happiness & calm in just one minute per day and no haha, it's not meditation, but a wonderful tool called "Reflection time". 

So why do we need this time?.. 
Because most of the time during the day, you are being bombarded with information and also being in action, working, pushing, fighting, struggling & achieving - and that is all great!

However you also need to schedule time for relaxation, reflection and to just BE. :) 

By checking in with yourself like this, you will with time, experience a deeper sense of clarity and peace as well as more freedom and joy.  

You can also increase the time as well as see what it feels like to do it a little now and then throughout the day - To stop for one minute before picking up your phone or running into the next meeting. 

You will be sursprised by the effects it...

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