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Maria Linden is your go-to expert for high-performance strategies and time mastery. As an international speaker, she has trained thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Maria specializes in making complex concepts simple and actionable. Her engaging talks are known for their interactivity, accelerated learning techniques and the sense of fun she brings to every engagement.

Attendees don't just listen; they learn, and they implement. Maria's presentations provide audiences with practical tools and methods they can put into action immediately and experience results the very same day.

So if you’re looking for a keynote speaker for your event or conference, Maria is the one you’re looking for.


  • High performance
  • Time Mastery and Time Freedom
  • Efficiency
  • Stress management and fulfillment
  • Female Entrepreneurship

Join Maria and experience firsthand the transformational impact of her lectures

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Contact Maria & her team >>


"So grateful to have had the opportunity to attend one of Maria's enlightening lectures. Extremely impressed by Maria, who is one of the best speakers I've had the privilege to listen to. Partly because she's 100% present, shares herself, is genuine, and tops her lecture with excellent presentation skills. Maria managed to reach and touch all of us, and she's still a topic of conversation around the office. Thank you for all the advice and tools you shared, Maria; I'll benefit greatly from it!"

/ Sofia Hast, Team Leader Sweden at Lenus eHealth  


"Thank you for your lecture to our clinic managers; you managed to touch everyone, make them rethink and reflect in such a short time. You provided so many new insights in a simple and easily understandable manner. Truly, everyone appreciated you, your tips, and the exercises. I can wholeheartedly recommend this to all companies that care about their staff."

/ Ibbe Gnem, "Serial entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor."

"Maria effectively and skillfully explains, continuously illustrating with exercises and examples. Very good and enjoyable!"
/ Anders Eriksson, founder of 135xx


"After your lecture, I had my most productive day in a long time!"
/ Philip Landenstad


"Thank you for an inspiring and enjoyable lecture that provided valuable tips and tools for managing daily life and maintaining top-notch health."
/ Jessica Finn

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"The lecture on life leadership was both interesting and thought-provoking. I was inspired and eager to learn more."
/ Nicklas Spångberg, CEO and founder of Relation & Brand


Great energy, inspiring & motivating.”
/ Nicklas, sales manager 


"She is a gift to this world" 
"I just love her energy" 
"What she stands for is needed"

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