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Why your family isn't supporting your dream


... and what to do instead


Many times people complain about their families, and how they don't understand or support their dream. 

But the things is this - How can you expect people to be who they are not?... or understand things they do not yet understand.?...

Your dream has been given to YOU!
And for a very good reason.
- Because YOU are the one meant to carry it & bring it into form.

So instead of feeling angry, sad & dissappointed
- forgive them, by seeing that there's nothing to forgive.

In today's video I'm sharing 3 powerful tips for how to:
* Forgive them
* Give yourself permission
* Continue on your path 

You are AMAZING and I Adore You! :)
With Love, Maria



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Stop feeling poor, by using this tool


I am rich because... 


To anyone out there who is worried about money & their finances.

Here's a tool that can help you shift your energi & experience from feeling poor, worried & in lack... to an abundant one 

One where you can feel both calm & happy plus are much better equipped to increase your income and finances.

May this serve you :)

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Turn challenges into your best friends


When the waves are coming, learn how to ride them 


Life is constantly changing and there's no need to fear that. It always has & always will. 

What we can do though,
instead of feeling worried,  scared or victimized,
is to  approach the adventures of life
with a much better attitude & a mentality that really can turn your challenges into your best friends. 

This is what the postcard from one of my best friends taught me about how to approach life's challenges with much greater excitement, gratitude & ease. 

I really hope that you find this valuable.
With all my Love, Maria 


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3 tips when you want to start meditating


The benefits of meditation are MASSIVE!!!

But how do you do it?
and how do you even get started? 

In this video I'm sharing 3 tips that'll help you get started, even if you're a total beginner. Enjoy :)

Love & admiration, Maria 

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Take the fast lane to happiness & success


Emotional screen shot

We often think that we have to WAIT to be successful & most of all HAPPY...

But WHY wait? When you can experience fulfllment & happiness every singe day!
AND at the same time fuel & take the fast lane to success.

In today's video  I'm sharing a truly golden tool from my book "Life Leadership". It will help you improve your confidence and experience of happiness, satisfaction & success in life and this in only 1 minute per day.

So when you go to bed tonight, make sure to try it out! 
Enjoy :) 



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How to have more fun - Tip #2


Bring back the playfulness 


Children laugh around 400 times per day.
Grown ups only around 15...

OMG! Seriously! When did life become so boring?! 
The truth is, it never did.
We just took on the fearful thoughts, instead of loving ones & FORGOT how to be playful, relax & have FUN.

Today I wanna share with you my Tip#2 about how to have MORE FUN IN LIFE, both personally & professionally.

So click to watch today's video & make room for your JOY together with child like happiness & laughter. Enjoy :)

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Remember: You are not your job!


Always be PROUD of who you are

It's important to separate these two
- Who you ARE and what you DO.

Because if you let your personal value be based on something on the outside, when that is being taken away or critizied, you will loose yourself and feel less valuable and worthy.

And if you LOVE your job & identify with it, then you will most likely constantly be working, trying to prove your worth and get caught in the "Striving but never arriving".

Therefore remember this my friend;
You are NOT your job. 
Never ever diminish yourself or your worth to that.

Instead ALWAYS hold your head high & be freakin' PROUD of the totally brilliant & unique being that you are. 

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Why labelling holds you back


Remove the labels 


We think of ourselves as open minded & non judgemental.
However in just a few seconds, we usually put a label on people & place them in a box. We also do this to ourselves. 

This can have it's positive effects, but it can also in many ways limit you & hold you back. 

In today's video you will learn how to be more open by removing the labels & simply allowing people to be who they are.

With this, you will free both yourself & others & open up for so much joy, possibilites & personal as well as professional growth. Enjoy!  

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How to handle sadness


It is OK to be sad.
Take that in!

Instead of trying to run away or hide from your feelings and emotions you can learn how to welcome them and when you are ready - also move beyond them. 

In today's video I'm sharing 3 steps that will help you both honour , experience & then release your sadness - To set yourself FREE. 

May this serve you!
With Love,

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How to shift your limiting beliefs



Rewrite the rules 


Limiting beliefs... yes we ALL have them.

But instead of holding yourself back or letting disempowering thoughts rule your life, learn the fun, smart & powerful way to shift them.

Remember my friend, you are FREE,
to rewrite the rules & create a new story for yourself, ANYTIME!
Enjoy :) 

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