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Why to thank the most annoying people


And what you can learn

We all face situations and people who challenge us.

People who we perceive as mean or rude, dumb or annoying, disrespectful or perhaps disturbing. Whatever!

However, what I wanna share with you today is something that can really help you
go from upset and triggered
to smiling and greateful.  

I sooo hope that you will take this into your mind and into your heart and especially start using this in your everyday life.

- Because hey, life gets way much easier & more enjoyable when we know how to CREATE MIRACLES. Enjoy

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The No.1 mistake people make when creating a vision board


And what to do instead

We are all POWERFUL manifestors & amazing CO-CREATORS with the Universe.
And the more we allow this natural force to work for us,
the easier & more quickly our dreams & visions can come into form.

In today’s video I’m sharing the No 1. MISTAKE that people make when they are creating a vision board for themselves and - HOW to FIX it. Enjoy


The power of vision boards is phenomenal - IF you do it right & especially with the right connection & energy. Enjoy

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How to find the Love of your life


By seeing that it’s You


Who do you think about when I say “the Love of your life”?  

Is it yours your partner
, or a person you have not yet met or perhaps an old love of yours?

No matter how much you Love other people, I want you to remember this:
The love of your life my friend is not someone else, the Love of your life - is YOU! 

In today’s video I’m sharing more thoughts & tips for how to understand & apply this even more in your everyday life.

Big Thanks to Leo F. Buscaglia.

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Raw & real, sneak peak at my new messy office

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2021

Note to self: Life is a journey, not a race 

I often get asked to let you guys in more 

So in today’s video I’ll take you behind the scenes to get a raw & real sneak peak of my new & messy office :) 

I don’t haha even have a desk yet, since I moved in tonight.

So without microphone 

Surrounded by paper boxes 

And still very sweaty, 

I’m sending you this sincere Love greeting of Gratitude. 

Together with note to self, 

to really & fully just relax & ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

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The Life Wheel


Change your life in 2 minutes using this tool

So many times, I see people running around like crazy, trying to work harder instead of working smarter. 

In today's 5-minute video I'll walk you through the first 3 steps of the powerful tool "The Life Wheel".
- A tools that has truly changed my life! 

And just like one of my mentors say, Brendon Burchard "The time to have the map is BEFORE you enter the woods" 

So before you start running around like a mad man or a mad woman haha, take these 2 minutes to check in with yourself & create a foundation of clarity. THEN you'll know what to focus on & where to start. 

With Love, Maria 

PS If you aren't already subscribed to my newsletter, make sure to sign up Honey & access all the coming bonuses, worksheets, news & gifts. 

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How to set yourself free


Stop holding yourself back! 

Deep inside of you, there's a longing.
- A longing that KNOWS that you are meant for MORE!

To DO more
To BE more
and to FEEL more 
if only you could  stop holding yourself back.

In today's episode I will share with you 3 powerful steps for how you can let go of old garbage,  
SET Yourself FREE & finally PLAY FULL OUT!

Enjoy! :)

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2 Keys to skyrocket your results



Stop wasting time, money & energy
& instead start using what you've got 


Would you like to see faster results? 
And would you also like your results to elevate & skyrocket? 
- Then today's video is for you.

In this 6 minute video I'm sharing 2 keys that can really help you
* Get unstuck 
* Progress
* And of course, skyrocket your results! 

Enjoy :) 

With Love & sincerety,

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The 3 steps to Design your Dream Life & Business



Become the architect of your life 

Since I want you to have the most extraordinary life
I will now share the 3 steps that can help you DESIGN the LIFE & BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS.

Because NO MATTER what is going on around you.
How OVERWHELMING your projects can feel or STRESSFUL it can be when you feel STUCK. 

You have the possibility to move forward & really BECOME THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR LIFE!   
Start TODAY by taking these 3 steps! 


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The best way 2 fully enjoy your vacation


For many people it can actually take some time to let go, relax & really wind down. 
To let go of stress and fully be able to enjoy their vacation. 

In today's video I'm sharing the no 1 way for how you can be able to fully ENJOY your vacation & maximize that experience. 

Plus two simple techniques for how to do it.

Wishing you a beautiful Summer.
I'll see you again in August after four weeks of vacation & time to relax & recharge.  
With lots of Love, Maria 

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No, you're NOT behind

#progress #review #success Jun 22, 2021

Find calm & clarity by doing this one thing 

Do you sometimes feel stressed?
or that you're behind
and that you should have done more?..

If so, then you are NOT alone.
In today's video I'm sharing a tool that will help you relax and finally SEE your amazing progress, successes & wins. 
- Both work wise and in your personal life.

Enjoy! Life is too short to worry :)

With Love, Maria 



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