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Take the fast lane to happiness & success


Emotional screen shot

We often think that we have to WAIT to be successful & most of all HAPPY...

But WHY wait? When you can experience fulfllment & happiness every singe day!
AND at the same time fuel & take the fast lane to success.

In today's video  I'm sharing a truly golden tool from my book "Life Leadership". It will help you improve your confidence and experience of happiness, satisfaction & success in life and this in only 1 minute per day.

So when you go to bed tonight, make sure to try it out! 
Enjoy :) 



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Finish the year confident & happy



Yearly evaluation & closing of the books 


No matter what this year has been like for you, 
do NOT make the misstake of just rushing into the new year without taking the time to reflect.

What has actually happend this year?
What are the insights, learnings, gifts, contacts you have gotten THANKS TO this year? What are the learnings, successes & wins?

In today's video I will be teaching you two simple steps that will help you finish this year confident, strong and in gratitde! YEHAAA

AND with this, also lay the foundation for an extraordinary and successful new year! 
Enjoy :) 





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Make competition irrelevant


By bringing in gratitude, fun & your unbeatable uniqueness 

Competition can sometimes make you feel small and insecure and block both your progress & success. 

However by shifting from the fear based thinking into the loving one, you can make competition irrelevant & even turn it into something truly positive and empowering. 

In this short video I'll be sharing 3 tips on how to make this shift.
May this serve You.

With all my Love, Mariazi   



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How to embrace challenges


Two powerful mind shifts 

If you've ever faced challenges or hardship or are going through tough times right now...

- Stay and watch beacuse today I'll be sharing two powerful mind shifts that can help you start to embrace challenges and learn how to move beyond them. 

Mariazi Quote
"Your biggest challenges can often be your greatest blessings

Challenges, obsticles and hardship are often being viewed as something bad and negative and something we want to get rid of. 

However challenges are natural parts of life and also life's gifts that are being brought to You in order to grow, to step up and to reach more of your  highest and full potential. 

In this 6-minute video I'll be sharing how you can change from victimhood and pain to gratitude and faith. :)

May this serve You! 
Love, Maria 

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