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The secret weapon for high performance



Schedule time for rest & recovery 


Many times you are telling yourself to work more, fight more, struggle, hustle and put in more hours. - That that will solve things and bring you the result you so desire. However equally important and truly crucial is to also schedule time for rest & recovery.

If you are serious in becoming a high performer and improving your results, you will need to priorotize rest and recovery and really commit to it. 

- Build this into your system!
Make it part of your daily routine and habits, on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly and yearly. 
Just like the professional athletes - become an expert in scheduling rest and recovery. 

I do NOT want to take this advcie lightly!
I CHALLENGE you to DO THIS - to schedule time for rest and recovery and to make it your assignment.

I am so looking forward to hear how it's going and pleae share in the comments below and inspire us! Big...

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