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Take the fast lane to happiness & success


Emotional screen shot

We often think that we have to WAIT to be successful & most of all HAPPY...

But WHY wait? When you can experience fulfllment & happiness every singe day!
AND at the same time fuel & take the fast lane to success.

In today's video  I'm sharing a truly golden tool from my book "Life Leadership". It will help you improve your confidence and experience of happiness, satisfaction & success in life and this in only 1 minute per day.

So when you go to bed tonight, make sure to try it out! 
Enjoy :) 



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How to be more happy- Tip #1



Small acts of kindness 

Many times people think that happiness is dependant on outside circumstances, like having to land a specific job or earning a certain amount of money or having other people giving them something.

I would say though, that happiness is an inside job,
meaning that you can generate it,
without having to wait for something outside of you to make you happy. 

In today's episode I'm sharing one of my favorite tips for how to generate more happiness & joy, both for yourself & others & while also having fun. 

Remember every act of kindness creates a wave of Love. 
Enjoy :) 

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Peace of mind



Through forgiveness 


To be angry, hurt or dissappointed is understandable and it's also ok to feel that way sometimes.
However choosing these fear based thoughts and emotions will also keep you stuck and it will prevent you from being happy! 

In today's video I'll be sharing how you can create peace of mind by releasing judgement and move beyond it. 

This  will free up sooo much of your energy & time & also enable you to live a life, far more magnificent  than you could ever have dreamt of.

And remember this, even when you feel or know that "you are right",
ask yourself
- Do I wanna be right or do you wanna be happy? ...
You choose 

With Love & sincerity, Maria 


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The 1-minute trick to create happiness & calm


And no, it's not meditation ;)


In this video you will learn a simple trick to create happiness & calm in just one minute per day and no haha, it's not meditation, but a wonderful tool called "Reflection time". 

So why do we need this time?.. 
Because most of the time during the day, you are being bombarded with information and also being in action, working, pushing, fighting, struggling & achieving - and that is all great!

However you also need to schedule time for relaxation, reflection and to just BE. :) 

By checking in with yourself like this, you will with time, experience a deeper sense of clarity and peace as well as more freedom and joy.  

You can also increase the time as well as see what it feels like to do it a little now and then throughout the day - To stop for one minute before picking up your phone or running into the next meeting. 

You will be sursprised by the effects it...

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