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What to do when you feel tired or stressed


You're only two steps away from feeling calm & energized anew

The best thing haha, would of course be,
if we NEVER felt tired or stressed. 

However... let's FACE IT my friend, 
life WILL happen no matter how great you are at planning or taking care of your health,
and there will be times when you will experience stress and/or low energy.

In this 5-minute video I'm sharing how you, in only two simple steps, can come back to calm, inner peace & high vibe energy anew.
Enjoy :) 

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How to rise above overwhelm



Eagle Eye 

Have You ever felt overwhelmed and stressed by all the possibilities and choices in life?

If so, or if you know someone who's often dealing with overwhelm... make sure to watch this 4-minute-video where I'm sharing the powerful tool "Eagle Eye".

This tool comes from my book "Life Leadership" and will help you create calm, clarity & determination about how  to choose and what to prioritize. 

During my 20 years in project management & leadership, this simple tool always helps me find clarity & move forward. Now go try it out!!! 

And just like the amazing participants in my membership, make sure to give each top priority project an amazing , fun and empowering name. This will boost your performance as well! :)

Sending You all my Love and enthusiasm,and keep sharing your awesomeness,

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The 1-minute trick to create happiness & calm


And no, it's not meditation ;)


In this video you will learn a simple trick to create happiness & calm in just one minute per day and no haha, it's not meditation, but a wonderful tool called "Reflection time". 

So why do we need this time?.. 
Because most of the time during the day, you are being bombarded with information and also being in action, working, pushing, fighting, struggling & achieving - and that is all great!

However you also need to schedule time for relaxation, reflection and to just BE. :) 

By checking in with yourself like this, you will with time, experience a deeper sense of clarity and peace as well as more freedom and joy.  

You can also increase the time as well as see what it feels like to do it a little now and then throughout the day - To stop for one minute before picking up your phone or running into the next meeting. 

You will be sursprised by the effects it...

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