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How to have more fun - Tip #2


Bring back the playfulness 


Children laugh around 400 times per day.
Grown ups only around 15...

OMG! Seriously! When did life become so boring?! 
The truth is, it never did.
We just took on the fearful thoughts, instead of loving ones & FORGOT how to be playful, relax & have FUN.

Today I wanna share with you my Tip#2 about how to have MORE FUN IN LIFE, both personally & professionally.

So click to watch today's video & make room for your JOY together with child like happiness & laughter. Enjoy :)

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How to be more happy- Tip #1



Small acts of kindness 

Many times people think that happiness is dependant on outside circumstances, like having to land a specific job or earning a certain amount of money or having other people giving them something.

I would say though, that happiness is an inside job,
meaning that you can generate it,
without having to wait for something outside of you to make you happy. 

In today's episode I'm sharing one of my favorite tips for how to generate more happiness & joy, both for yourself & others & while also having fun. 

Remember every act of kindness creates a wave of Love. 
Enjoy :) 

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