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Remember: You are not your job!


Always be PROUD of who you are

It's important to separate these two
- Who you ARE and what you DO.

Because if you let your personal value be based on something on the outside, when that is being taken away or critizied, you will loose yourself and feel less valuable and worthy.

And if you LOVE your job & identify with it, then you will most likely constantly be working, trying to prove your worth and get caught in the "Striving but never arriving".

Therefore remember this my friend;
You are NOT your job. 
Never ever diminish yourself or your worth to that.

Instead ALWAYS hold your head high & be freakin' PROUD of the totally brilliant & unique being that you are. 

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Why labelling holds you back


Remove the labels 


We think of ourselves as open minded & non judgemental.
However in just a few seconds, we usually put a label on people & place them in a box. We also do this to ourselves. 

This can have it's positive effects, but it can also in many ways limit you & hold you back. 

In today's video you will learn how to be more open by removing the labels & simply allowing people to be who they are.

With this, you will free both yourself & others & open up for so much joy, possibilites & personal as well as professional growth. Enjoy!  

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How to handle sadness


It is OK to be sad.
Take that in!

Instead of trying to run away or hide from your feelings and emotions you can learn how to welcome them and when you are ready - also move beyond them. 

In today's video I'm sharing 3 steps that will help you both honour , experience & then release your sadness - To set yourself FREE. 

May this serve you!
With Love,

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How to shift your limiting beliefs



Rewrite the rules 


Limiting beliefs... yes we ALL have them.

But instead of holding yourself back or letting disempowering thoughts rule your life, learn the fun, smart & powerful way to shift them.

Remember my friend, you are FREE,
to rewrite the rules & create a new story for yourself, ANYTIME!
Enjoy :) 

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Stop waiting for the perfect time



Because the perfect time is now

So many people  are living theirs lives in hesitation and fear, waiting for that perfect moment or for things to change or outside circumstances to change.

I say STOP THAT! There is of course a value in great timing, but NOT if it's fear based excuses and procrastinaton. 

So whatever you are dreaming of, realize that the perfect time is NOW.
Start today and take that next important step my friend, towards your dreams and goals. Do not wait. 

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It's not about the goal



It's about the person you become in the process


Have you ever felt like a failure, when not achieving your goal?
If so, then STOP THAT immediately!

Instead of staring yourself BLIND 
at the goal or tangable results, REALIZE that the REAL GOAL & the real GROWTH is actually taking place INSIDE OF YOU! :) 

And as you develop & as you grow, you are expanding & stepping into the person that you are really & truly meant to be! 

The things in the outer are here to serve your inner growth. Remember that! :)

With Love & admiration, Maria 

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How to succeed in the new year


The power of setting an intention, by choosing a key word

According to the statistics, 92% of New years goals actually fail before Januari 15th!... 

That is why my friend, I really want you to listen today, because today I'm sharing a powerful key that'll help achieve your dreams & goals , with much so much greater joy & ease - AND without having to feel like a failure! 

Now set yourself up to win in the new year. 
You are amazing! :) 

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Finish the year confident & happy



Yearly evaluation & closing of the books 


No matter what this year has been like for you, 
do NOT make the misstake of just rushing into the new year without taking the time to reflect.

What has actually happend this year?
What are the insights, learnings, gifts, contacts you have gotten THANKS TO this year? What are the learnings, successes & wins?

In today's video I will be teaching you two simple steps that will help you finish this year confident, strong and in gratitde! YEHAAA

AND with this, also lay the foundation for an extraordinary and successful new year! 
Enjoy :) 





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Why you should shut up



And just Listen 


There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth, and that is because we are meant to listen a lot more than we speak.

In this week's episode I'm sharing a powerful thought and technique, that will help you practice active listening and with this also deepen the quality of your relationships.

With all my Love, May this serve you 

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How to be more happy- Tip #1



Small acts of kindness 

Many times people think that happiness is dependant on outside circumstances, like having to land a specific job or earning a certain amount of money or having other people giving them something.

I would say though, that happiness is an inside job,
meaning that you can generate it,
without having to wait for something outside of you to make you happy. 

In today's episode I'm sharing one of my favorite tips for how to generate more happiness & joy, both for yourself & others & while also having fun. 

Remember every act of kindness creates a wave of Love. 
Enjoy :) 

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